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Apprentices work towards an industry recognised qualification, bringing in new skills and ideas to your business. A Modern Apprentice will receive structured, on-the-job training and a qualification recognised by the Early Years sector.

Training is funded by Skills Development Scotland.

If you wish to discuss training for a current employee or you would like us to assist you in recruiting a Modern Apprentice, please contact us on 0141 332 0030.


How much do I pay an Apprentice?

As an employee, their salary is negotiable.  However, they must receive at least the National Minimum wage for an Apprentice set by the UK Government,

What hours of work should they do?

The hours should be in accordance with your usual business practices.  Annual leave and sickness absence should also comply with your own policies and procedures.

Will they need time out of the nursery for training?

Apprentices are invited to attend classes 1 day every 4 weeks for their theory and underpinning knowledge.  Repeat and support study classes are also available if required.

How long does it take to complete the qualification?

SVQs are individually tailored and can take between 12-15 months.

How much supervision does an MA need?

As each Apprentice becomes accustomed to work processes and procedures, they’ll need less and less supervision. We ask that you assign a mentor to your MA in the workplace, so they have a ‘go to’ person to talk to about all aspects of their working environment.