Carousel Training


Candidate Testimonials

At my time at Harlequin Nursery I have been supported by all, from my transition from High School to an apprenticeship but also every day in the nursery.

When I first started here, I spoke with Management and my Carousel Training Assessor, Annmarie, about my additional support needs. As a trainee with autism, I was worried it would affect my role in the nursery, however management and Annmarie gave me full reassurance that they would help me both adapt and achieve.

The support given to me was regular meetings and catch ups with my boss and depute about how I was coping from day to day. My Assessor would phone the nursery regularly to find out how I was doing, and I knew if I was struggling, I would go to the office and talk to management.

My assessor would come out for a full day session to support me with my written evidence, and she would go over things and help me understand anything I was struggling with.

With the help of management, my senior, colleagues, and my assessor I have managed to adapt to challenging situations, able to reach my full potential and my assessor continues to support me every day. I am now 10 months through my apprenticeship and can’t wait to qualify. This has been possible due to all the support.

Abigail Gibson
Early Years Modern Apprentice - March 2022

My journey with Carousel Training Centre started in August 2021 after taking the decision to leave High School. I have received support and help off my assessor whenever needed, she has been able to help me with course work I’ve been stuck with and how to quickly use VQFolio successfully.  Carousel Training Centre are always at hand for any questions or support you may need, they have been great through my experience so far.

Most of the course work I have completed so far has been simple and easy, I’ve gained knowledge from working in the nursery which has helped and support me to complete the course work provided, I have continued to receive help off my assessor while completing this to ensure I am working to the best of my ability.

I currently work at Carousel Nursery, I found it challenging at the start but now I go to work confident and ready to begin my day, the staff have supported me all the way through, the children always make me laugh and I enjoy being around them, working in a nursery is an amazing experience and to anyone who wants to do it I would solely say take up the opportunity.

I enjoy going to work in the morning to see the children daily, they always make me laugh and smile, I love receiving drawings off them all the time that show off their amazing creativity skills, I have been able to build close relationships with staff, children and parents and will continue to build on these to show my support to children and parents. I love all aspects of my jobs and look forward to qualifying in due time, take the opportunity to train with Carousel Training Centre, you will enjoy it!

Christopher Anson
Early Years Modern Apprentice Ambassador - February 2022

“My journey with Carousel so far has been great. I receive good support from my Assessor whenever I need it. He helps me with any work that I’m struggling with which has been a great help. I also have easy access to VQ which supports my coursework.

The work can be challenging at times but at the end it’s worth it as what you are learning from reflective accounts, assignments and classes benefits you while you’re working with the children.

I work in Bright Starts Nursery, and although it has been challenging as it is my first job in Early Years, it has been an amazing experience so far. I get just as much support from everyone within my workplace as I do from Carousel.

Some of the things I love most about my job are making special bonds with the children, working with them every day I have built up a close relationship with them. I love when they come in in the morning and tell me what they were up to the day or night before. Watching them progress and making new friends within the workplace are all aspects I love about the job.  “

Vhairi Craig
Early Years Modern Apprentice Ambassador - 2021

“Since qualifying with Carousel, I am still working in the same nursery I completed my apprenticeship in.

My plan for the future is to hopefully work my way up to either a senior or maybe even a manager role one day. If my plan on becoming one of these doesn’t succeed, then I am happy to continue working as a nursery teacher as I love my job.

Also My experience with Carousel has been amazing, my assessor Emma was great and I am thankful for her getting me to achieve my goal.   Carousel was one of the best decisions I have ever made as I have gained a qualification that is wonderful, and can take me on to many things in the future.”

Rosemary Scott
Early Years Modern Apprentice Graduate - 2020

Since my qualification, I have moved to a bigger company as a fully qualified nursery practitioner, I am hopping to soon work towards an even higher level of childcare qualification, I have also used everything I was taught from Carousel Training to bring up my own bundle of joy who’s just shy of 6 months old. I’d like to thank you all so much for helping me achieve my goal and especially my tutor.

Laura Thomson
Early Years Modern Apprentice Graduate -2020

I achieved my qualification in January 2020 and I have been kept on as a practitioner in my current nursery , it has been a crazy journey and the best experience and I can not wait to further my education in childcare. Thank you for the opportunity!

Charlotte Wilson
Early Years Modern Apprentice Graduate - 2020

Employer Testimonials

Level of communication and support is outstanding.  All instructions and the process is extremely clear and staff are pleasant and exceptionally helpful.

Eilidh Scott, Manager
Oakwell Children's Nursery, Linlithgow - 2021

Carousel is a great training centre to work with, staff go over and above to meet the nursery and their candidate’s needs.  Communication with the nursery and the candidates is effective and clear.

Laura Taylor, Manager
Balmore Kindergarten, Glasgow - 2021

Everyone we have dealt with from Carousel have been more than helpful.  All staff are extremely approachable and easily contacted should we have any questions, concerns or queries.  All students are well informed about their training and this is displayed throughout their practice in our nursery.  Throughout the recent year, with Covid restrictions, Carousel staff have been very understanding and flexible regarding students study pattern and assessments within the nursery.  Practise has been adapted accordingly and still maintains the high-quality communication throughout.

Sinead Boles-Coyle, Manager
3 Bears Nursery, Cambuslang - 2021

The service provided is always of high quality from speaking to the staff in the office to dealing with assessors.  Everyone is very professional and knowledgeable.  Candidates are provided with the most up to date guidance and advice.  I would rate the overall performance of Carousel as excellent.

Lisa McNaught, Manager
Children's Hour Nursery, Clydebank - 2021

I have always found Carousel Training to be the best training available for apprenticeships.  The staff and Assessors are always very helpful and they can always answer any questions that i have.

Pamela Fox, Manager
Mayfield Private Nursery, Glasgow - 2021

Our experience with assessors at Carousel is always positive, always able to support and help us in anyway they can.  They always seem to give 110% in supporting both the candidates and the nursery.

Hazel Fraser, Manager
Jigsaw Childcare, Edinburgh - 2021

The team at Carousel always go above and beyond to support our candidates.  The assessors are very knowledgeable and tailor their input to meet each candidates needs.

Jamila Flynn , Manager
Primrose Day Nursery, Glasgow - 2021