Carousel Training


Candidate Testimonials

When I first came to Carousel Training Centre for my interview I felt nervous but all the staff were very friendly and welcoming. When I found out I had an interaction day for my Nursery I was excited but finding out I had the job made me even more excited and eager to start and learn.  My Assessor is very supportive and has taught me a lot. She has given me hope for my future career. Without the help from all the staff at Carousel, I would not have all the knowledge I have today.

Jacqueline Garden
Early Years Modern Apprentice, 21/11/17

I am really enjoying my time at Carousel as it allows me to gain experience in a Nursery while learning about Childcare and gaining my qualification. My Assessor comes out to visit me regularly in the Nursery and if I am struggling with something then I can easily contact her so she can give me guidance. I would highly recommend Carousel Training to anyone interested in a career in Childcare.

Rachel Williams
Early Years Modern Apprentice, 8/11/17

My time at Carousel has been very good. I have really enjoyed being able to gain lots of experience working full time in a Nursery as well as doing my training and being able to gain a qualification. Being a Man, I was a little nervous to start working in the Childcare sector however Carousel have provided me with a great deal of support. I could not recommend Carousel enough if you would like to pursue a career in Childcare.

Sam Boyle
Early Years Modern Apprentice, 8/11/17

Since starting with Carousel Training, I feel like I have came a long way. At first I never knew what I wanted to do once I left school, but I decided to apply to Carousel anyway. I can truly say that Carousel has made me open my eyes and see all the wonderful opportunities out there. Not only have I developed my understanding of working with children but now I have adapted my life skills in general.

Katelin Bryden
Early Years Modern Apprentice, 21/11/2017

What can I say! Carousel is the most amazing thing I have ever done! It challenged me, it support me and loved me. I graduated from Carousel 1/6/18 and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome! This is all thanks to the amazing staff and wonderful assessors at Carousel. Alison Thomson is an absolutely amazing assessor and woman and any student will be lucky to have her! Thank you so much for a wonderful day.

Sean Wilson
Graduate and winner of the Margo Struth Award 2018

I just graduated today! The best thing I have done in my life is be a part of Carousel Training Centre! The team are amazing! They support you all the way and even after you have finished! Glad I done this, one step closer to my future.

Chelsea McQueen
Graduate 2018

I graduated yesterday (01/06/2018) with Carousel Training. I am so grateful to have had such a great opportunity. Linda was the best assessor and showed me so much help and support throughout my training with Carousel. Thank you to all that were involved in yesterday’s graduation, I had the best day.

Claire Kerr
Graduate 2018

“Since qualifying with Carousel, I am still working in the same nursery I completed my apprenticeship in.

My plan for the future is to hopefully work my way up to either a senior or maybe even a manager role one day. If my plan on becoming one of these doesn’t succeed, then I am happy to continue working as a nursery teacher as I love my job.

Also My experience with Carousel has been amazing, my assessor Emma was great and I am thankful for her getting me to achieve my goal.   Carousel was one of the best decisions I have ever made as I have gained a qualification that is wonderful, and can take me on to many things in the future.” – Rosemary Scott  (Qualified May 2020)

Rosemary Scott
Graduate 2020

Employer Testimonials

The service as a whole is very well organised. We have a wonderful Assessor for our Apprentices; she helps them get the understanding they need to go on with the course and become knowledgeable professional Early Years Educators.

Christine Martin
Manager, Flying Start Nursery, Sauchie

Carousel Training Centre truly understand Little Me Nursery’s requirements in reference to staff, recruitment and selection. All training carried out by Carousel is of the highest quality, whether it be within the training centre or delivered onsite. Having tried most of the current training providers available at present, I can only say that Carousel are the best at what they do from our experience of working closely with them for almost 10 years.

Robert Clarke
Manager, Little Me Nursery, Temple

The Assessors have been fantastic with the Apprentices on the training course, always approachable and have formed a great relationship with our nursery management team.

Stephanie Veith
Manager, Happy Days Nursery, Dalkeith

Carousel Training Centre has provided our Nursery with excellent Assessors who have the interest of their candidates at heart. They are professional and detailed in their assessments and feedback to all candidates in the nursery. When dealing with the office staff they are always polite, professional and efficient in solving problems and finding solutions.

Kirsty Pacitti
Manager, Priestfield House Nursery, Edinburgh

We have a great relationship with Carousel Training Centre. The Assessors are very helpful and always feedback to management and staff. The Apprentices have turned from young people to professional Early Year Practitioners due to the support and professional attitude from Carousel Training.

Nicola Brown
Manager, Papillon Nursery, Motherwell

We have found all dealings with Carousel Training Centre very professional and they always reply promptly to any queries we have regarding our Apprentices.

Alyson Pollock
Manager, Craighead Childcare, Milton of Campsie

Carousel Training have a high standard from start to finish. When looking for new Apprentices, they are always very prompt and keep us updated with the progress in finding us suitable candidates for work trials. Our Assessor is very supportive and encourages the Apprentices from the beginning, to maintain a high standard. The level of support that is offered to Apprentices in general is fantastic in comparison to other training providers I have used in the past.

Claire Thornburn
Manager, Southside Daycare, Glasgow